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Vedant Bhargava
Written by Vedant Bhargava

Create and Publish a Test

Explains how to create a test using MegaExams question bank

Step by step guide

  1. Click on Create Test in the bottom left.
  2. Select Course, Subjects and Topics/Subtopics (if needed).
  3. In the Questions field enter the number of questions you want to fetch from the Questions Bank. 
  4. To use additional filters like Difficulty, Tags and other click Show Advanced Filters available below Fetch Questions.
  5. Select the filters (if needed)
  6. Difficulty: Easy, Medium or Hard.
  7. Tags: To select questions of a particular tag.
  8. Question Type: There are 8 options available like MCQ, Numerical etc.
  9. Sort By: To select new questions always, or the ones you are using mostly in tests.
  10. Solution: To show the solution while fetching the questions.
  11. Click on Fetch Questions to populate the questions from the question Bank.
  12. After selecting question(s), click on Add questions to the test in the top right. Note: To see and add new questions from question bank click on Fetch Again.
  13. Click Proceed in the bottom right to create sections.
  14. Create sections as per the requirements.
  15. Click Proceed in the bottom right to do test settings.
  16. Enter all the required fields and select the test settings.
  17. Click on Publish to start assigning the test to students and schedule it.

Video guide

This videos demonstrates step by step process of creating a test using online exam software. Teachers/Administrators can create an exam in less than 5 minutes using the in built question bank for all major competitive exams and course works.

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