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Shivank Kumar
Written by Shivank Kumar

Schedule a Test

Explains the process to set a time for scheduling the test or make it available instantly

Step by step guide

  1. Click Tests in the left side panel.
  2. Select and click on the Bundle in which you have to schedule test(s).
  3. Instant Scheduling
  4. Click on Switch(ON) under Status header for scheduling the test immediately. The test is available until the switch is turned off.
  5. Timed Scheduling
  6. Click on the Clock under Status header.
  7. Set the Date and Time for the start of the test.
  8. Check the Set test off Time to set end date and time for test. If the end date and time are not set, the test will be always available.
  9. If checked, set the Date and Time for the end of the test.
  10. Click on Schedule Test to confirm the scheduling.

Video guide

This video demonstrates everything related to a bundle. In this video you can learn to schedule a test for different times and also to set an end time for the test.

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