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Written by Himantika Azad

Test Settings for a Test

Explains all the test settings available for a test and how to do the settings.

Step by step Guide

  1. Carefully do all the settings for the test.
  2. General Settings
  3. Test Name: Name of the test e.g. Chemistry 101
  4. Duration: Total duration of test in minutes (60 minutes = 1 hour)
  5. Attempts: No. of attempts allowed for a student to appear for test (Unlimited attempts is set for a maximum value of 999 attempts)
  6. Test Code: It is mandatory for offline test (printing). It should be unique for each test. For simplicity you can start by a combination of subject and number e.g. Chem-01
  7. Optional Settings
  8. Instructions: These are the instructions provided/printed at the top of the test e.g. All questions are mandatory or Please read all questions carefully.
  9. Pause allowed during exam: This will enable the students to pause the exam during attempt and can continue the exam using the resume feature.
  10. Jumble questions:
  11. Section wise selection option: You can choose to individually jumble the questions of any number of sections. e.g. For a test containing 3 sections, you can choose to jumble questions for only one section and other two sections will be the same for all students.
  12. Hide answer in results: This will not show the correct answer after results are published.
  13. Result medium: This is the medium by which a student is informed about the results.
  14. SMS
  15. Email
  16. After test: This will send the results to students only after the scheduled time for the test is finished. So that everyone gets the result at the same time.
  17. Advanced Settings
  18. Marking Scheme: This feature can be used to override the marking scheme of questions from question bank.
  19. Correct marks 
  20. Wrong marks 
  21. Unanswered marks
  22. Completion message 
  23. Click Publish at the bottom right to publish the test.

Video guide

This videos demonstrates step by step process of creating a test using online exam software. In the last part of the video you can learn to do the setting for a test. MegaExams supports a lot of different features to provide a customized test.

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