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Written by Himantika Azad

Using Practice Module

Explains how to check the weak subjects and the process to create and attempt a practice test in student panel

Step by step guide

  1. Click on the Practice tab in the top menu.
  2. Click Create Practice Test at the top right.
  3. Click on the topic(s) to select the topics for the practice test.
  4. Enter the total number of questions in the bottom left you want in the test.
  5. Enter the total duration of the test in minutes.
  6. Click on Start practice to create practice tests.
  7. Click on the Start Exam at the bottom to start the test. 

The flow of practice tests is similar to actual tests so it is easy to follow the interface.

Video guide

This video demonstrates step by step process of creating and attempting a practice test using the online exam software.

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