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Vedant Bhargava
Written by Vedant Bhargava

View Results in Admin Panel

Explains how to view real-time results of the students in admin panel and to download the detailed reports

Step by step guide

  1. Click on the Results menu option in the left side panel.
  2. Select and click on the test for which you want to see results.
  3. View the detailed performance analysis of a student by clicking on any student in the list.
  4. Click on Download Reports to download following reports:
  5. Student Question Attempt contains all answers the student gave for the attempted questions. It also gives topic wise reports of each student. Using this you can help students in their weak topics. 
  6. Ranklist shows the rank wise names of students and how many marks they got in each question.
  7. Difficulty Analysis of questions shows how many students attempted any particular question. This can be used to differentiate easy and hard questions.
  8. Smart Report is an online report that gives the overall report of the test paper with average score of top and bottom students, weakness of the whole batch, first and last in the batch for the whole test and also subject wise. 

Video guide

This video demonstrates step by step process viewing and understanding the results. The video demonstrates various type of analytics on results available in MegaExams for teachers to provide personalized attention to students.

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